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Sales Development
Sales Development

Smart extensions for your team to capture new opportunities.

Our Sales Development Service is your dedicated partner in creating a robust and consistent pipeline of qualified leads for your sales team. We understand the critical role of sales development in your business growth, and we're committed to delivering high-quality prospects who are ready to engage with your sales representatives.

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How We Works

How Sales Development Works

  • Lead Sourcing and Acquisition

    Analyzing ICP, TAM, and
    evaluating leads potential

  • Outreach and Engagement

    Creating and delivering
    personalized messages

  • Appointment Setting

    Securing meetings with your
    prospects and closing deals

Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

What Makes
The Channel Z
Your #1 Choice

Unlocking New Avenues of Growth for Your Business.

  • High-Quality Leads

  • Time and Resource Savings

  • Consistent Lead Flow

  • Data-Driven Strategies

  • Increased Sales Opportunities

  • Collaborative Approach

With our Sales Development Service, you're not just getting leads; you're getting opportunities. We're here to ensure that your sales team spends their valuable time meeting with the right prospects and closing deals. Let us take care of the sales development process, so you can focus on growing your business and achieving your sales goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Sales Development Service

How does your sales development differ from other agencies?

Our SDRs have an industry-specific experience, so if you work in healthcare, we’ll assign you a specialist who has relevant background. This allows them to dive into your domain and project specifics much faster.

Also, we have an in-house tool that helps us improve email deliverability and ensure your clients see the emails we send them while nurturing.

How much time would it take for me to see the first results?

Depending on the industry and company size you are targeting, you can see the first appointments in a few weeks, right after we get acquainted with your product and/or services and launch the first email sequences.

How do you report on results?

We present you weekly reports on campaigns’ performance in Google Data Studio during our sync-up calls to reflect real-time and historical data.

What happens if a prospect doesn’t show up for a meeting?

We follow them up to discover the reasons and reschedule the appointment. Not to let that happen, we always send your leads a reminder shortly before the call.

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