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Demand Generation
Demand Generation

Connecting You to Your Future Customers

Our Demand Generation Service is your strategic partner in driving interest, engagement, and demand for your products or services. We understand that in today's competitive marketplace, generating demand is a crucial component of business growth. With a data-driven and comprehensive approach, we help you identify, engage, and convert potential customers into paying clients.

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How We Works

How Demand Generation Works

  • Audience Profiling
    and Targeting

    Shaping your TAM, ICP,
    and value prop

  • Content Strategy
    and Outreach

    Creating and testing
    tailored email campaigns

  • Lead Generation
    and Nurturing

    Launching mass campaigns
    and booking appointments

Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

What Makes
The Channel Z
Your #1 Choice

Demand More, Generate Success.

  • Industry Expertise

  • Proven Track Record

  • Collaborative Approach

  • Increased Brand Awareness

  • Higher-Quality Leads

  • Cost-Effective Marketing

  • Consistent Lead Flow

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making

With our Demand Generation Service, you're not just attracting leads; you're creating a demand for your products or services. We're here to help you harness the power of effective marketing, lead generation, and conversion optimization to drive growth and achieve your business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Demand Generation Service

How does effective demand generation strategy look?

From our experience, a strategy that drives results takes a lot of preparation, research, testing, and adjustments. Also, an inevitable part of successful demand generation is your company’s visibility, namely presence on LinkedIn, website conversion, proven track record, testimonials from your previous clients, etc.

How many ICPs or VPs can you test at the same time?

Technically, there are no limitations - except for the case that there are not enough leads for each ICP or you want to promote several products or services. Yet, even those restrictions can be resolved by extending the pool of titles, industries, and so on, as well as scaling the team working on your project.

To deliver maximum results, prepare the sequences more thoroughly, and monitor campaigns’ efficiency, we usually stick to testing 2-3 messages for each ICP unless you ask for more.

What KPIs of outbound demand generation do you track?

Basically, we monitor the number of SQLs generated, email open and reply rates, appointments scheduled, and the conversion rate from lead to appointment.

How long do you need to run demand generation campaigns to see real results?

If we take average, optimal results are achieved somewhere between 6 and 12 months. A more exact time frame depends on the industry, product or service specifics, and your business goals, of course.

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